Ice Paint

Premium Quality

Ice Paint for Hockey, Curling and Other Ice Sports

Jet Ice manufactures a premium line of quality ice paints specifically designed and carefully formulated for reliable use in the ice making industry. We strive to offer the best ice paint overall and have been doing so for almost 30 years, and we do this by working directly with ice makers at arenas of all sizes to develop the best ice painting products. Together, we continue to transform the technology of ice paint and how it is applied. Jet Ice ice paint is exactly what the professional icemaker requires to make his or her ice look perfect.

Our Ice Paint Products

Super White 3000

We’ve worked directly with ice makers to continuously improve the formulation for Super White 3000 to create our most brilliant and intense white ice paint. It has the best hiding power of any white paint available, and it is so effective that base coats aren’t required. Application is smooth and coverage is second to none.

Super White 3000 is suitable as a base for all sports. We recommend 6 to 8 boxes of our Super White 3000 ice paint to cover a standard 85′ x 200′ rink. To find out how much you need for your ice, visit our pages on hockey, curling, and other ice sports or contact us if you’re new to ice-painting and need some help placing your order.

Logo Paint

Once you have the perfect white base for your ice, discover our complete line of custom-formulated logo paint, available in over 1000 colours! We also offer in-ice logo services and stencils, custom designed to your logo so you not only have the perfect colours, but also a crisp, clean rendering of your logo.

Clear Coat

Formulated for the figure skating industry, our semi-transparent ice paint is ideal for ice shows, fundraisers, and special events. Ease of application and removal are its most attractive features. Realize your design with our 7 clear coat colours: blue, green, yellow, orange, red, magenta, and violet.

Black Light Paint

This unique ice paint product glows in the dark, providing dramatic effects when activated by black lights. Pigmentation remains sharp and crisp under normal arena lighting.

Pre-Mixed Liquid Ice Paint

Our pre-mixed liquid paint is available for special events and comes in 5 gallon pails. We can match this paint to any Pantone paint number.

Find the Right Ice Paint for Your Sport

At Jet Ice, we understand the differences between different types of ice for different sports, such as for hockey and curling. Many products are suitable for multiple sports, while others are specifically designed to enhance a specific event. Explore the products for your favourite ice sport.