Ice Professionals

Ice Painting Training From the Hockey and Curling Ice Professionals

Your in-house ice maintenance staff needs to keep up with the latest ice painting techniques for any sporting event from hockey to curling to figure skating. Provide staff with the professional training they need from the ice professionals at Jet Ice.

We have decades of experience providing classroom-based and on-ice personalized training for ice maintenance crews and arena staff to familiarize them with a wide range of ice painting techniques. Whether your team includes new recruits or seasoned veterans, they’ll learn what they need to know to produce high-quality, professional ice painted surfaces consistently.

Jet Ice provides hands-on supervision, leading your staff through the
entire ice painting process including:

  • Planning, mapping, and preparing an ice surface for painting
  • The application and sealing of white ice
  • The layout and application of standard hockey and curling markings
  • The placement and installation of painted and digital sponsor logos and advertisements

Our one-day training event will be held at your arena. Book a personalized training session for your team or gather together reps from all of the arenas in your area and host a larger training session. Please note: your facility is expected to provide the painting equipment and materials, and a minimum of 15 staff are required to attend.

Jet Ice training events include a demonstration by our team of ice professionals to show you how quick and easy it can be for a well-trained staff to take a three-day ice painting job and get it done in one work day!