Figure Skating

Professional Ice Paint Solutions

Jet Ice's Superior Water Treatment and Ice Paint Solutions Offer Many Benefits to Figure Skaters

Figure skaters have unique needs from their ice surface, and Jet Ice’s quality processes and products create the ideal surface. From Olympic ice rinks to your local training facility, Jet Ice helps skaters everywhere get the best ice for the best skate.

Pro-Ice Water Treatment System

Our Pro-Ice system uses reverse osmosis technology that filters minerals and organics substances out of the water before it is used to create the ice surface. The resulting ice has increased clarity and texture, as well as better visibility of edged lines.

Clear Coat

Formulated for the figure skating¬†industry, our clear coat semi-transparent ice paint is ideal for ice shows, fundraisers, and special events. Ease of application and removal are its most attractive features. It’s available in 7 colors: blue, green, yellow, orange, red, magenta, and violet so you can tailor your ice to your theme, charity, or other colour needs.