Arena Ice Rebuild For Western University

When it came to a full ice rebuild of their Thompson Arena ice in August 2020, Western University consulted a few industry leaders in the area, specifically for help with ice making on their sand floor base.

Western’s Manager of Facilities, Steve Barry, explained that everyone they spoke with pointed them to Jet Ice — the clear best choice in partner for their unique ice challenge.

Having worked with Jet Ice since 1990, purchasing paint for both their curling rink at the time,  and the Thompson Arena, Western was familiar with the Jet Ice brand, and determined that working with the Jet Ice team again was a no-brainer.

“We have always purchased from Jet ice as they are the best in the industry.” – Steve Barry, Manager of Facilities, Sports and Recreation Services – Western University

Rebuilding Western University’s Ice

There are a variety of factors that lead to the need for a rink rebuild, and that impact ice quality and maintenance.

For Western University, the decision followed their condenser needing to be replaced, as well as their ice not being used due to COVID-19.


Some factors to consider when determining if a rink rebuild is required include:

  • Length of the operating season
  • Programming schedule
  • Geographic location
  • Age and condition of the building
  • Water quality
  • Refrigeration capacity
  • Dehumidification
  • Operations staff
  • Management

After consulting with Steve Barry on the arena’s specific requirements, we got to work on prepping in-ice logos, paints, and our internal crew.

Thompson Arena Ice Rebuild By Jet Ice

On location in London, Ontario, we had to first level the original Western ice surface. Once the sand was level, it was flooded bit by bit to create an even base.

Next, we began to build the ice layer by layer. The ice was built to 1/8” thick.

We then applied Super White 3000 ice paint, sealed the white, and then painted and sealed game markings.

A paper stencil and custom purple logo paint was used to create the iconic Western University centre ice logo. Easy-in textile neutral zone logos were also installed and sealed.

After the painting and logo installation was complete, we left the final ice seal in the capable hands of  Western University’s ice makers.

“We really appreciated the dedicated work that Jet Ice completed at Thompson Arena. Building a new sheet of ice on our sand floor was going to be a challenge and we trusted Jet Ice to complete an outstanding job.” – Steve Barry

Jet Ice: Ice Making For Ice Makers

We would like to thank Steve Barry for his time and the opportunity to collaborate with Western University’s Sports and Recreation Services team.

Centre Ice At Western University Thompson Arena

We are proud to have been able to offer the paint, game markings, textile logos, paper stencil and installation services for Western University. 

We’re also proud of our high-quality products, as well as the service we provide for any ice sport, which equip us with the ability to complete any size or type of project with great precision and ease. 

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Whether your project is big or small, we can help you to bring your ice to life!