Curling Ice Paint 101

Jet Ice has years of experience in the design, production, and installation of in-ice logos and ice paint, found in professional curling facilities all over the world.

Whether you host a curling club or a national tournament, it’s time to discover how you can customize your ice to make it look fantastic.

Ready to get started? Let’s dig in:

Bala Curling Club White Paint Install by Jet Ice

The Power of Super White 3000 Ice Paint

Our Super White 3000 is simply the best white ice paint available for curling, offering the brightest white with the most hiding.

  • 1-1/2 boxes are typically required per sheet.
  • So effective that base coats aren’t required. 
  • Application is smooth and coverage is second to none.

With the whitest of white ice paint, your coloured logos, hoglines, and full houses will pop like never before! 

Custom Colour Liquid Paint

Custom colours go a long way on ice.

Black Light Prairie Ice Dalemny CC by Jet Ice

Between full houses, rock markers, button logos, hoglines, and sponsorship logos, adding custom colouring to your curling ice can transform the aesthetics of your game.

Not only does Jet Ice carry a number of popular ice paint colours, but we can also produce custom colours that will ensure your club’s brand colours are represented with accuracy.

In addition, we’ve created specialized black light colors to compliment bonspiels, fundraisers, and other special events.  

To learn more about our paint options, please visit our ‘Curling Ice Paint’ page. 

Consider Easy In Textiles to Generate Revenue

While liquid paint has stood the test of time, we think it’s time for curlers to think past paint.  

Not only do Easy-In Textiles look great, but they can help to generate revenue through crisp, clean, beautiful in-ice advertising.

Benefits of Easy In Textiles

Jet Ice is the leader of in-ice logo technology offering a full line of print media. Discover the advantages of our easy-in textiles below:’

Superior Print Quality

We use state-of-the-art large format digital printers to provide our customers with superior print quality. 

Easy Install 

Our digital in-ice logos are printed on a reusable product with excellent water transfer properties, which makes them easier to install. 

Image Quality

The fabric colours blend well into your ice, providing an excellent image quality. Peterborough Curling Club Hogline by Jet Ice

Just a quick note to let you know how good our 6 inch hogline looks! It went down way easier than the 4 inch and saved my knees and back from painting.”

– Rob, Icemaker, Peterborough Curling Club

Textile Full Houses, Hog Lines, Buttons, and In-Ice Logos

Perhaps the biggest reason to switch to textile full houses is that it provides the opportunity for local sponsorship. Once local sponsorship is confirmed, Jet Ice’s expert in-house graphic designers will work with you to design a textile full house custom to your sponsor’s brand. 

Bathurst CC - 2017 by Jet Ice

Textile buttons and hoglines are also a great way to include local sponsors and generate revenue, or they can be customized to reflect your club colours.

In-ice logos have been used by many curling clubs to honour club members and bonspiel champions, to incorporate local sponsor logos into the ice, or to have the club name prominent during gameplay. 

Learn more about our curling textile logos by visiting our “Curling In-Ice Logos” page.

End-To-End Kits For Curling Ice  

The Jet Ice End-to-End kit includes everything you need to get your curling sheets ready – including white textile rolls with full houses, hoglines, and rock markers. With no painting required, the End-to-End kit offers a quick and easy installation solution.  

Visit our ‘Curling End-To-End’ page to learn more about our End-to-End packages.

Jet Ice Curling Products & Services 

Whether your curling facility opts for paint or textile, Jet Ice is here to support you through the decision making, ordering & installation process.

From everyday curling to bonspiels and events, Jet Ice will bring your ice to life.

Contact us today to get started.