How Jet Ice Brought the WHL East Division Hub’s Custom Centre Ice to Life

In early 2021, Brandt Centre at EVRAZ Place in Regina, Saskatchewan was selected to host fellow Western Hockey League (WHL) teams as part of a Hub City format — developed to limit exposure and protect players and staff against COVID-19. 

The East Division Hub was designed to allow for practices and games to be permitted on the Regina Pats home ice.  Starting on March 12th, 2021 each of the East Division’s seven teams played twenty-four games out of the Brandt Centre, home to the WHL Regina Pats Hockey Club.  

With the Brandt Centre ready to take on this new challenge, our Jet Ice team was honoured to jump on board and help Joel Pickering, VP of Sales & Corporate Partnerships for the Regina Pats.  

 “[We reached out to Jet Ice] because of our past relationship and knowing we can count on Jet Ice to get us exactly what we want and in a timely fashion. That, in addition to the fact that the product we receive is high quality, makes it a no brainer.” 

Joel Pickering, Regina Pats VP of Sales and Corporate Partnerships

Creating the Custom Centre Ice Logo 

 Jet Ice and the Regina Pats have a long history of working together.  “The Regina Pats have been proud to work with Jet Ice for over 20 years. It has been a great partnership and one that we want to continue to grow.”  Joel Pickering,

  Working with the Regina Pats in this specific case was a unique opportunity as Jet Ice was able to provide a completely unique, custom centre ice logo design. 

 “With the quick turnaround time on the East Division Hub in Regina, we knew we could count on [Jet Ice] to bring our ideas to life. All it took was one email, with a couple of ideas and [Graphics Manager] Thomas and his group were able to create exactly what we were looking for.” 

 Joel Pickering, Regina Pats VP of Sales and Corporate Partnerships 

Easy-In Textile Logos

The staff at EVRAZ Place & the Brandt Centre are very familiar with Jet Ice Easy-In Textile logos, having purchased many sponsor logos and centre ice logos over the years. 

With many sponsor logos included in the Brandt Centre ice, Easy-In Textile offers easy installation and the ability to re-use sponsor logos as required.  

 “The staff at EVRAZ Place love using Jet Ice products because of the ease of installation and the quality of the product.” 

 Joel Pickering, Regina Pats VP of Sales and Corporate Partnerships

Joel Pickering knew with their WHL East Division Hub ice, they could rely once again on Easy-In Textile to be of high quality, install quickly & easily, un-install quickly and easily, and meet their ice customization goals.  

To complement the custom centre ice design, Jet Ice also created a custom Easy-In Textile redline for the East Division Hub ice. 

Easy-In Textile is a great option for redlines as it offers the opportunity to include custom design elements that would be too challenging to paint otherwise.   

We Bring Ice to Life

From unique opportunities to create fully custom logo designs to straightforward sponsor logos and everything in between, Jet Ice has the Easy-In Textile logo to suit your ice customization needs.   

Jet Ice would like to thank Joel Pickering for his time and the opportunity to collaborate with the Regina Pats Hockey Club. 

Hosting 84 games over a 48 day period, the WHL East Division hub city format was a huge success, and the Regina Pats and the Brandt Centre played a big part in that success. 

Jet Ice is happy to see the hub city format providing an opportunity for the sport to continue despite the challenges of COVID-19. 

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