How to Help Revenue with In-Ice Logo Sponsorship for Your Curling Club

In-ice logo sponsorship has transformed the way curling clubs can help generate much-needed funds required to run your club.

Instead of having a pure, white surface with traditional full houses, hog lines, and buttons, curling clubs can customize their unique aesthetic.

Through in-ice logo design, brands and businesses can reach their marketing goals while curling clubs are able to generate additional income.

In other words, selling sponsorship space on the ice is a win-win.

Jet Ice has provided in-ice sponsor logos for the Curling Canada Events, Grand Slam of Curling, and World Curling Federation Events for over 10 years, and we know a thing or two about how sponsored in-ice logos can generate revenue for a curling club of any size.

Revenue Boosting 

Guaranteed revenue is critical for curling clubs of all sizes, and even more so with a restart required after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through sponsorship of in-ice logos, curling clubs can help to promote local businesses and celebrate the brands who wish to support them.

In return, businesses pay clubs annually for the marketing space, giving the club a guaranteed revenue stream.

In-ice sponsor logos can be incorporated into the curling sheet in four ways – through logos placed in-ice along the sheet, with a custom-designed full house, hog lines, or with a button logo.

Easily Installed & Reusable 

Not only do in-ice logos help to generate revenue, but they also save curling clubs money through ease of installation and durability.

Jet Ice Easy-In Textile logos are reusable year after year, allowing brands to sponsor for longer periods without having to update branding or purchase new logos.  This means the in-ice logo will have paid for itself usually within 1 year of use.

Our curling digital in-ice logos are also printed on reusable mesh material with excellent water transfer properties, which makes them easier to install.  The mesh material is high quality allowing colours to pop. The logos are very durable which makes them easy to remove and store between seasons.  This means less work for clubs and more value as there is no need to purchase ones every year.

Fully Customizable Ice Designs

With Full House digital graphics, we can customize your houses with accurate representations of sponsor logos, club logos, or event graphics events.

Full Houses are also available in traditional red/blue colours, or can be customized to your club colours as well.

With our on-site graphic department, Jet Ice continues to lead the industry using state-of-the-art computer software and large-format digital printers to ensure your in-ice graphics are produced professionally and accurately.

No matter the brand or vision, Jet Ice can bring it to life.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design Attracts Club Members

An aesthetically pleasing curling club ice designs attract members of all ages, particularly young people who may not yet be familiar with the game, but who are familiar with the brands featured.

Colour vibrancy and high-resolution print also enhance sponsor brands and create a bright, colourful, modern curling environment for all members.

Begin Generating Revenue with Jet Ice

Your in-ice logos are a simple way to bring in additional revenue to your curling club through advertising for key sponsors.

Request a quote for your in-ice logo and discover how you can generate guaranteed annual revenue for your curling club!