Water Treatment for Curling

When You Want to Provide the Best Sheet of Curling Ice Possible, Jet Ice Water Treatment Systems Ensure Consistent Ice From End to End

Rental Systems

Rental Systems


  • Ion exchange tanks, water meter, hoses and shut-off valves.
  • A single tank set provides 6 gpm of treated water.
  • Portable rental system is easily connected to your incoming water supply.


  • Increase capacity utilizing a double tank set system (12 gpm).
  • Include carbon block filter to remove chlorine and organics.
Carbon block filter

Carbon Block Filter

  • This inexpensive unit effectively filters the raw water to remove organics or chlorine that may be present in your source water.
  • These contaminants can foul treated water, making the ice sheet ‘greasy’ and leading to inconsistent curl and rock speed.
  • Replacement filters easily installed​.

“When putting ice in for a major event, we were hit with high levels of chlorine in the source water and the carbon block effectively removed this unwanted contaminant, helping to ensure the ice remained consistent.”

Mr. Hans Wuthrich, Leading Ice Technician

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